Samsung Refrigerator Noisy Fan – Quick Fix

I have a Samsung RF28HMEDBSR french door refrigerator that’s only a few years old.

Several months ago, I started to notice a mild clicking sound coming from it occasionally. The sound would always stop as soon as I opened the door, and then usually restart a little while after closing the door. In the past few days, the noise got considerably louder. It became clear that the sound was coming from a fan that was inside the refrigerator compartment. It started sounding like a fan whose blades were hitting something. Then this morning, it became unbearably loud.. like there was an airplane inside my kitchen!

I thought maybe the fan bearings were just dry and needed oil. After doing a lot of research on the Internet, I figured out that the evaporator fan, which circulates cool air inside the refrigerator, was probably the culprit. It turns out that ice builds up on the evaporator (due to bad design of the defrost circuit), and eventually hits the fan blades, causing the racket.  The evaporator fan is a box fan that’s attached to the evaporator cover in the back of the fridge, behind where it says Twin Cooling:

The fan looks like this:

The proper fix is to remove everything from the refrigerator, take out all the drawers and shelves, remove the evaporator cover, and then melt the ice. I didn’t have time to do this today, and just wanted to silence the racket, so I decided to try a quick hack. The ice build up usually occurs on the coolant pipes feeding the evaporator. Notice how there are two large oblong air holes in the evaporator cover (see above photo), above Twin Cooling. The coolant pipes are approximately behind the air slot on the right.

I decided to try blowing hot air into the air slots, to melt some of the ice enough so that it wouldn’t hit the fan anymore. It’s important not to blow air that’s so hot that it melts the plastic cover. I set my dryer to high, and then pointed it at my hand, adjusting the distance so that the air was just a little too hot for me to tolerate. Then I aimed it at the intake slots, at about the same distance, and alternated blowing air into them, 10 seconds at a time, for 2 minutes:

Voila! The noise is completely gone! When I have more time, I will do the proper fix, taking the evaporator cover off, and melt the ice that’s covering the evaporator. Most likely, there’s a lot of ice back there, which blocks air flow to the evaporator, reducing the efficiency of the refrigerator, which wastes electricity, and in the worst case, keeps it from cooling properly. I will make a post in the future, documenting the process as I go.

In the meantime, if you want to tackle the proper fix yourself, here are some YouTube videos which are helpful:

At about 4:35 in the video above, the guy has a good hack for preventing the issue from ever happening again. He moves the temperature sensor for defrosting from the inlet to the outlet pipe of the evaporator, which extends the defrost cycle.

UPDATE 2020-05-20: It’s been almost 3 years since I applied the temperature sensor moving hack described above, and I haven’t had a recurrence of the noisy fan, so it works well as a permanent fix!

The video below gives a lot more details on disassembly procedures:

Service ManualRF28HMEDBSR Service Manual

There are 47 Comments to "Samsung Refrigerator Noisy Fan – Quick Fix"

  • Johan says:

    Thanx dude, hair dryer worked a charm. Fan noise from hell was driving me nuts!!!

  • george says:

    Simple hack but very effective.The noise was very much irritating especially when we have a family meeting.

  • Angie says:

    Tried this today after I had to use the power cool because the fridge door was left open. The condensation must’ve frozen and the fan was so loud. Worked like a charm!

  • Warren Carroll says:

    thank u, thank u, thank u. thought about trying hair dryer to those slots but needed ur post to give it a try. Finally got rid of that helicopter landing in my kitchen!

  • Joe says:

    Thank you,ive the same problem,is there a tech fix like a 30sec turn off delay for fan so coil doesnt freeze up

  • David Albright says:

    Have same problem. will try all that you posted. please update me when you have a new post. Thank you.

  • Ed C says:

    I have a slightly different model BUT this hack works. Mine was the freezer fan. Thank you for saving me a ton of money on a service call.

    • Courtney Dunlap says:

      Where is the freezer fan located? Is it possible to do this same hack with the hairdryer? I don’t have exact model but similar Samsung French doors bottom drawer freezer. And the noise stops when you open the freezer

  • Erie says:

    The bottom line is to never buy Samsung again. Stick with GE n Maytag brands. I have the same problem and Samsung doesn’t covered the cost for their shitty product. I’m so pissed off with Samsung that they missed leading consumer for their shitty product

  • Craig says:

    Thank you for this post!!! This worked like a charm, my whole family got a better sleep because of you.

  • Cheryl says:

    OMG! I hate this refrigerator! It is the most expensive piece of shit that I ever purchased. Samsung could care less. They are aware of all these issues and refuse to do anything about it. My fridge sounds like a small airplane ready to take off. Multiple repairs but no fix!

  • Kim says:

    My teenage son after helping me with removing the ice twice told me that the flap that is between the doors in the fridge part was not closing the gap when we closed the door. we got that working and have not had an issue with the freeze up since.

  • GINA RAMEY says:

    this is the worst issue that keeps happning-I paid 200.00 a month ago to fix it an now it is making the worst sound again.. I did the hair dyer for a quick fix- how long will that last–what about the forced DF mode?

    • lincomatic says:

      For me hair dryer fix only lasts a few days at a time. I haven’t tried forced DF mode. If you try it and it works, let me know.
      I took it apart and found a big chunk of ice hitting the fan, where normal defrosting wouldn’t get to it. What a lousy design. I haven’t had time to document it, but I took photos. If you want to tackle it, perhaps I could throw up a quick post w/ less detail than usual.

  • Guy Edward McGunegle says:

    Going to try the hack tommorow by placing the temp sensor on the output pipe of the evaporator. What is the theory behind this workaround? Has anyone had a good long term outcome with this fix?

    • lincomatic says:

      I did it when I wrote the article. It’s still working well. No more freeze ups. The hack makes the defroster defrost more thoroughly. It probably increases energy usage a bit

      • chris says:

        I tried changing the temp sensor back on august 12-ish. Im not sure if it was the right pipe-i just followed the videos lead BUT I noticed he put the sensor on one pipe then changed it to another pipe…. I followed his end move. i got a freeze up in less than a month this time so either the fix is not a fix OR I put the sensor on the wrong pipe… SOoooo since I am “defrosting” today I am going to try the other pipe….. If I don’t write back you will know I succeeded…… or bought a NONsamsung fridge. what a bunch of crooks…..
        HAPPY Sunday!!

  • Guy Edward McGunegle says:

    Can you do this hack on model RF28HDEDTSR Samsung

    • lincomatic says:

      No idea, I don’t know that model, but if your temp sensor is clipped on the same way, it should work

  • Guy Edward McGunegle says:

    Thanks Much.

  • Ben says:

    Thank you!!! My only regret is not reading this until after I had taken all of the food out of the fridge.

  • Ethan says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm!

  • Henry furtner says:

    My Four year old Samsung started making the loud noise everyone is talking about. Sure is discussing to buy a refrigerator that doesn’t last. I wii never buy another Samsung product again!

  • Vel says:

    Thank you. Hack worked like a charm.

  • Charlotte says:

    The noise started today and this hack worked like a charm. Happy dance!

  • Just as in the clip it was iced up and after melting the ice away I found that the seal around the tubing was letting air in causing the ice to form.. I put some silicone around the tube to seal it..

  • Ken Stockton says:

    Blow dryer works, but is a temporary fix since it treats only the symptom of Samsung’s flawed design, rather than cause. A much easier temporary fix is to simultaneously press “Freezer” and “Lighting” on front panel of fridge and hold (8 seconds on my fridge) until it beeps. Release, and press “Freezer” repeatedly (three times for my model) until it displays “rd” (rear defrost). This manually activates the rear defroster, and your fridge will beep annoyingly for awhile (about 27 minutes on my fridge). I usually repeat this process 4-6 times in a row, setting my phone timer for 27 minutes to keep reminding me to go and restart it. This fix usually lasts me a couple of weeks. If you remember to do it frequently, on a preventative basis–say, before going to work or to bed, you may stay ahead of the problem.

  • Douglas M Wise says:

    At this time of the Coronavirous our State is on lockdown with a stay at home order. This video was an absolute life saver. Thank you so much!!

  • WJS says:

    I took the entire thing apart , defrosted the ice and put it back together and it’s STILL making this noise every time the fan kicks on. It’s beyond annoying. 100% not ice. The fan is hitting something else. Any ideas?

    FTR- Samsung appliances are complete garbage as is their Customer Service. They won’t cover anything. Stay away if possible.

    • lincomatic says:

      Are you sure it’s the same fan? It should have been easy to test and make sure that the blades weren’t hitting anything else before you put it back together.
      Maybe it’s hitting its own wires? Just making a wild guess here.

  • mike says:

    Thanks for the video. I did this today and hopeful that it works. Feels like ti should but after reading all these comments about Samsung fridges………
    mine was all frozen up, took 20 mintues with hot hairdryer to melt it all away. Some of the styrofoam was frozen to the inside and broke but I was able to glue back together. Hoping the noise is gone and this 5 yr old fridge gets another 5 !! Thanks again.

  • Josh says:

    Thanks!!! Just melting the ice now with a low powered heat gun. If this issue is so common with Samsung fridges, Samsung should really RMA them all-before someone files a lawsuit.

  • Korey says:

    I have the same problem as did WJS. I took it apart and no ice build up but still have the fan noise problem! I don’t feel like the fan blades are hitting anything, but confident that it is the fan. Should the fan be replaced? Super annoying…please help!!

    • lincomatic says:

      If you suspect that the fan is making noise by itself, just run the fan directly, outside of the refrigerator, and see if it still makes noise.
      Also, you can try applying some oil to the bearing. Sorry, I don’t have access to one w/o taking my refrigerator apart, but often, the back of the shaft and bearing are accessible in similar fans when you remove the sticker on the back.

  • Kim Struthers says:

    Has anyone tried insulating the tubes/fan area better to it doesn’t allow the frost to build up? maybe spray foam?

    • lincomatic says:

      Try the hack described in the first video linked in the article.. moving the temperature sensor. I did it 3 years ago, and haven’t had any recurrence of the problem.

  • Jennifer clack says:

    thank you thank you!!! Ours has a lot of ice build up. We defrosted it then the noise started. Hair dryer worked like a charm!

  • Todd says:

    Anyone have the problem of the ice machine forming/building up ice in the mechanism thus stopping normal ice formation? I have to chip it out of the way….about one a month now.

    I have also noticed when I push the control to get ice, often times I first get some water dropping out, like an ice cube melted before I get the regular distribution of ice.

    I think there is a door seal problem some where but I’m not sure. Just speculation.

    Thank you in advance.

    • lincomatic says:

      Yes, my ice maker freezes up, too. Chipping it out doesn’t last long for me. I use a hair dryer to melt all of the ice away

  • Kiley Olson says:

    Just defrosted and moved the defrost sensor as seen in videos…Fingers crossed. Thank you for the video.

  • Peter says:

    Can anyone else confirm that this hack is a long term fix? And I mean the “full” hack- removing the back panel, removing all ice AND moving the sensor as shown in the video. I’ve thawed out the ice twice before, but it has returned, after about 8 months and then less than 2 months. Now this time I moved the sensor as well, and I’m hoping that can make it a long term or dare I say permanent fix! Any other long term success stories with moving the sensor?

  • Gord Bridges says:

    Have a Samsung RF25HMEDBSR fridge bought in 2015 what a mistake what a piece of crap.The ice maker leaks and freezes (3 service calls) fan noise do to ice built up (3 service calls) control board replaced (1 service call) and bent door hinge on delivery (1 service call) extended warranty runs out in November of this year. Who can afford service calls and parts on this anchor. Do yourself a big favor stay away from Samsung they do no stand behind their appliances.

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