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Arduino-lite – A Lightweight Runtime for AVR

I just ran across Arduino-lite, a lightweight alternative runtime to Arduino, for programming AVR MCU’s.  This project is spearheaded by Robopeak Project.  It looks pretty cool.  It’s kind of halfway between Arduino, and coding directly with avr-gcc.  It supports the standard Arduinos, as well as: Atmega8(A) Atmega168(PA) Atmega328(PA) Atmega1280 Attiny2313 Attiny26 Atmega48(PA) Atmega88(PA) Not only […]

Build Your Own Daft Punk Table (5×5 LED Display)

Welcome my blog. This is my first post. This is a 5×5 LED matrix display I built, using an ATmega368 microcontroller (arduino) and 25 warm white LED’s.  It was inspired by the Daft Punk coffee table, which is no longer sold. I posted my first Instructable last Sunday.  It got selected by the editors to […]