Raspberry Pi Case

I was not fast enough to get an order in for a Raspberry Pi on launch day.  Fortunately, a kind friend of mine thought of me, and bought an extra one for me.  I received it yesterday, and printed this case:

The case I made is a copy of HansH’s excellent Raspberry Pi case, modified with a slot that added on the top to accomodate access to the GPIO pins.  I uploaded it to Thingiverse:  Raspberry Pi Case with GPIO Access.  Here’s the first sucessful boot of my Raspberry Pi:

It looks so tiny sitting in front of my 52″ plasma.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it boot up at full 1080 resolution.  At first, I thought the HDMI port was bad, because it didn’t work with a cable that I know is good, but it turns out the Pi is just picky about HDMI cables.  I swapped in a different one, and it worked.  Now, I have a lot of reading to do… yet another gadget to play with…


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