Reprap: Sexy z-drive

I’ve been using this #10-24 (~5mm) leadscrew for almost a month now, and it’s been working flawlessly. The coupling is just zip ties on vinyl tubing. No slippage at all due to the reduced friction of the tiny nut vs an 8mm nut. Thin leadscrew + flexible coupling = no leadscrew wobble (aka z-wobble) + less friction = lower torque (and current) requirements on z-motors.  The threads are a finer pitch (24 threads/in) than 5/16″ screws, which are usually 18 threads/in, so the resolution is better, too.

3 thoughts on “Reprap: Sexy z-drive”

  1. Thanks for the great work, I’ve now switched to M5 stainless threaded rod and all signs of banding have now gone from vertical edges. I’ve been studying the photo of your re-designed reprap from your Resolution experiments post, you’ve given me some great ideas and inspired me to start a re-design of my own.

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