Build Your Own Daft Punk Table (5×5 LED Display)

Welcome my blog. This is my first post.

This is a 5×5 LED matrix display I built, using an ATmega368 microcontroller (arduino) and 25 warm white LED’s.  It was inspired by the Daft Punk coffee table, which is no longer sold.

I posted my first Instructable last Sunday.  It got selected by the editors to be Featured, which won me a free 3-month Pro membership.  I entered it into the Sparkfun Microcontroller Contest.  Today is the last day of voting.

I will be revising it and adding features, such as live music synchronization. I will post the developments on this blog as they happen, with detailed instructions.

One thought on “Build Your Own Daft Punk Table (5×5 LED Display)”

  1. hi,

    fcan you please help me out? i want to make my leds brighter, so i wanted to hook them up to transistors. In that way the arduino doesnt need the timer function, am i right? but i dont know how the code should be when i want to control the leds via transistors? what do i need to change to your code so it will work?

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