HowTo: Upgrade Scosche Rhythm+ Firmware


The Scosche Rhythm+ is an optical BLE/ANT+ armband heart rate monitor that’s highly recommended by DC Rainmaker. There are many posts around the Internet which claim that it doesn’t have updateable firmware, but that’s not always the case. Prior to firmware V2.5, the Rhythm+ had to be sent back to Scosche for firmware updates, but if you’re lucky to have firmware 2.5+ installed, you can update the firmware yourself with your phone and Scosche’s Fitness Utility. The procedure is quick and easy. Pair the Rhythm+ to your phone and launch the Fitness Utility. You will be presented with the Attributes screen, which lists the current firmware version:


If you have Firmware Revision 2.5 or higher, tap the Commands button, and you’ll be presented with this screen:


Tap the Firmware Update Start button, and the utility will update you to the latest firmware. I got a nice new feature when I upgraded mine to firmware 2.62. Now, after setting my HR Zone Min and HR Zone Max via the Fitness Utility, the LED on the Rhythm+ blinks blue when my HR is below HR Zone Min, purple when I’m between HR Zone Min & Max, and red when I’m above HR Zone Max. I guess if you only use ANT+, and want to save some battery life, you can turn off the BLE Radio as well, but I haven’t tried playing with any of the other functions yet, and I have no idea how you would turn BLE on again, since the app communicates via BLE.

Update 2016-07-11: Reader Atle posted below that v2.62 adds another function for iOS users … click once to start/stop music, and double click to advance tracks in the playlist. I wonder if this works on Android, as well.

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  • Steve says:

    How long does the firmware upgrade typically take? My progress bar has been stuck in the same spot for abut 15 minutes. Wondering if something has gone wrong…

    • lincomatic says:

      Only about 30sec or so. I suspect by the time you read this you will already have figured out that it was hung. I hope it didn’t brick yours. If so, I’m sure Scosche will fix it for you.

  • John Galea says:

    I spoke with Scosche and your right on all counts. They said I would have to pay shipping back to them and they would pay shipping back to me. They said it would be processed in the same day they receive it. They informed me there are no changes to any of the algorithms within the device, just the ability to upgrade the firmware in the future. It was there opinion that if I was not having any issues that the upgrade was unnecessary and wouldn’t change anything.

  • Keith Seckel says:

    Same here as John Galea says above: I called tech support and they say the *only* difference is the ability to self-update and no other changes. When I read the above to the tech re: the original poster says “I got a nice new feature when I upgraded… Now, after setting my HR Zone Min and HR Zone Max via the Fitness Utility, the LED on the Rhythm+ blinks blue when my HR is below HR Zone Min, purple when I’m between HR Zone Min & Max, and red when I’m above HR Zone Max.” — the teach response was to again repeat there is no change from 2.4 (where I’m at today) to 2.62 other than the ability to self-upgrade firmware — but he did agree to email me info on how to send it in.

    • lincomatic says:

      Does your blink blue/purple/blue depending on below/in/above the HR zone min & max? Because mine definitely did not … in only blinked red until I upgraded the firmware. So the tech support guy is wrong.

  • f1oren says:

    Good article, thanks

    you can turn off the BLE Radio as well

    ok but how to turn it on ? The iOS works only with bluetooth?

    • lincomatic says:

      Very good point! I guess it’s not a good idea to turn it off, unless you are sure you only want to use ANT+ forever.

  • Atle says:

    There are another distinct difference between fw 2.62 and the older ones: The one with 2.62 works as a remote to my iPhone. Single click start/stop music and a double click goes forward on my playlist/podcast. This is not possible with the one with older fw.

  • Will says:

    the update bricked mine

    • lincomatic says:

      Yikes! What version of firmware did you start from? Contact Scosche and they should be able to take care of it. No one else has complained of theirs getting bricked.

  • David A. Desrosiers says:

    Confimed, my RHYTHM+ bricked immediately after the firmware update.

    The update succeeded as expected (although it brought me from 3.0 to 2.62), a power-cycle succeeded as expected. I was able to take a quick HR measurement after the 2.62 update, as expected.

    The very next power-up, all I get is a blinking red/blue, alternating. Bricked.

    No combination of button press, or holding the button down for over 5 minutes seems to bring it back out of this mode. It’s dead after only 1 successful ride using it.

    Such a shame, but back into the box it goes, for return.

    • lincomatic says:

      Hmm, they must have different versions of the hardware. Mine is stuck at 2.62. Scosche should fix their software to check for compatibility. Sorry! Contact them and complain!

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